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BizAcadem delivers trainings in such business areas as: sales management, customer service, leadership skills development, supervisory skills application, team management, time management, corporate policy development.


Business training is a complex educational tool, which is used for professional knowledge and skills development or support. There are three groups of business trainings, delivered by BizAcadem:

  • Management trainings, which are aimed at: personnel strategy development, realization of a personnel strategy, determination of efficient business solutions, optimization of organizational changes, leadership skills advancement, etc.

  • Marketing training, which are useful for: marketing optimization, sales management, analysis of customers’ feedback, an effective product presentation, objection handling, satisfaction of customers’ needs, etc.

  • HR trainings, which are advisable for: efficient recruitment, optimization of staff promotion and demotion, team management, communicative skills development, interpersonal communication, conflicts arrangement, self-confidence progress.

Business trainings delivered by BizAcadem are developed according to the modern psychological methods. They allow to consider every single participant as an individual and a member of a collective. This approach is used to adapt a training program to certain company needs. We also offer psychological trainings for employees, who perform unordinary, creative duties. This type of trainings helps to develop an independent way of thinking.