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Personel Rating

An economical situation influences the employment market. As a rule, some specialists are forced to look for a job in a rich competitive situation, while others suffer from the super saturation of a certain professional area. Today the successful employment depends on the candidate's activity, his interview experience and search skills. However, a professional career consultant can help you to find the proper employment solution.


There are a few steps in the personnel rating procedure:

  • Rating of a personal candidate profile

  • Defining the competitive professional skills

  • Defining the most appropriate business field for a candidate

  • The resume analysis, providing recommendations on it's correction

  • Defining a vacancy resource

  • Analysis of the potential vacancies, corresponding to the professional and financial expectations of the candidate

  • Preparation for an interview

  • There are three approaches of the personnel rating, conducted by the BizAcadem company:

  • The assessment approach is the most popular international personnel rating method. The concept implies gathering methods, techniques and tools, which can be helpful for the collective expert evaluation of candidates.

  • The 360-degree performance appraisal includes a few types of personnel rating, performed from different angles: from the candidate's side, from the client's side, from the management's side, from the colleague's side and from the partner's side. All the rates are analyzed and, as a result, the competitive advantages of the candidate are identified.

  • The communicative approach is lead through the marketing recruitment tools. In this case the communicative skills and the professional skills are rated.