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Why are Steering Wheels Circular in Shape?

The steering wheel is the most important part of any vehicle to keep control. It is the reason you are able to drive smoothly. It provides a comfy grip which lets you roam around safely. Has it ever occurred to you that the shape of every steering wheel is circular no matter if you are driving a truck, an SUV, or a sedan? There are several other shapes that can be used but every make and model comes with similar steering. Here are a few scientific reasons why you find a circular steering wheel in every vehicle.


In the past, when the steering wheel was developed it was shaped like a lever. The driver used to move it side by side to turn the wheels. It was easier to use but did not provide good control. There was a high chance that a driver could crash while moving, especially when parking. As time passes, the user interface was developed to make things easier. Now you can easily park your car in a parallel lane with the help of around steering. This shape is also cost-effective for manufacturers. However, if you see a sports car, you will find that the steering wheel is not circular in shape because the drivers don't park their vehicles during the race.

Wheel Developed Shaped Lever

Movement of Shaft

The round steering is quite affordable for manufactures and easy to handle but other than that it is also important for the shaft. This shaft helps in the complete rotation or movement of the steering wheel. You will get a perfect grip while driving at all the angles. You will be able to move your car on turnings and curves. Due to the shape of circular steering, you can move it as much as you want. It will also help in taking a U-turn. This is one of the major reasons why you find every steering wheel in a circular shape.

Provide Balance While Turning

The symmetry and balance requirement while driving a car is another reason for this shape. If it was designed in some other shape, drivers cannot get the symmetry. The steering wheel is placed in a horizontal position but if there is some other shape, it will be placed vertically. This will result in difficulty in movement. A circular shape is a uniform which helps in taking a complete turn without any issue. The maintenance is also easy as compared to other shapes which will surely help you when you rent a car in Dubai and keep it in good condition.