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Take the Ride of Your Life in the Dubai Desert

Desert Ride in Dubai

Dubai is one of the countries that you should visit if you want to explore. A desert ride in Dubai is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have. Wind blowing in your face as you are sand boarding creates pleasurable memories. The different cultural practices, amazing and warm service you receive as a visitor simply makes you happy. Experiencing the Arabian cuisine is another plus. Experiencing nature at its wildest form as you go for a wildlife safari or camping at the Arabian camp with fireworks and campfire. The majestic sand dunes tower the ground as you are in a desert ride in Dubai.

Travel in style

A 4x4 land cruiser does dune bashing. Your desert ride in Dubai can handle the toughest of terrains. You will be perfectly safe as the vehicle swerves. On a luxury package, however, a hummer is used for dune bashing. On your request, you will be picked up by a limousine. You are not going to forget your desert ride in Dubai experience in a hurry.

Desert rides can take a long time, and you need to travel with light, comfortable clothing, a backpack with few essentials. Most desert ride in Dubai can take up to seven hours. On your way to the desert, you will see much scenery and may have questions. Most tour guides will tell you about the different view and landmarks you pass. Your tour guide knows many locations with their history. Desert rides in Dubai are not just fun, but also educational and very entertaining.

Experience heaven on earth

Smoke Shisha Safari

If you have never experienced the twirling of the red dunes forming a towering little storm, then you have not seen Dubai. Desert rides in Dubai have the vehicles swerving, this creates such an exhilarating feeling. Camel riding is so much fun. You may choose to go on long camel rides or short ones. You not only get to ride a camel, but you also get to interact with it. You have the option of visiting the camel farm if you love camels or are just curious about them. Falcon shows, belly dancing, fireworks, campfires can all be the final event after your desert ride in Dubai.

In Dubai, you can embrace a different culture. Desert ride in Dubai encompasses more than travel. You can smoke shisha or paint your hand with henna. The food at the camp is excellent. Arabic coffee or tea, unlimited soft drinks, enjoy the buffet dinner, delicious BBQ dinner or the vegetarian menu. To top it all, you can get many professionally taken photos of your trip. Alternatively, have the tour guide take your pictures. Whether you have reached a desert landmark, or during your tour witnessing energetic dance performances or taking a pose with a falcon, you wouldn’t be able to resist capturing those precious moments. Desert ride in Dubai is not only memorable but create unforgettable experiences with your family and friends, make your bookings today to go on an epic journey of self-discovery.