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Must Have Things for Storage Spaces in Dubai

In trading business, safe storage of the stock and convenient shipment of final products are the most crucial parts of the business. Your stock must be stored in a warehouse which is safe, spacious and ideally located. But the size of the warehouse and its location is not what all matters while searching for the most suitable storage space Dubai for your business. When you are planning to expand in the coming years, there are multiple things you must consider while choosing a warehouse in order to avoid the future hassle of transferring goods all over again.

Here is a quick guide to find the most suitable storage space for your stock depending upon the scale of your business.

Storage space in dubai

Enlist Your Current and Future Needs

Every business has different operating procedures which differentiate the preferences of a warehouse for one business from another. The first step is to figure out your unique procedures. You want to store your stock at an ideal location which is suitable for you as well as for your connections but there can be other things you might overlook such as:

  • Enough Space to carry out loading and unloading procedures
  • Expected increase or decrease in production in the coming years
  • Accessibilities by Lorries and logistical integration within the warehouse
  • Mobility

When you enlist your specific needs, you can start your proper research.


Rents for warehouses vary with their locations, shapes and sizes. But in the sense of budgeting, costs are specifically related to the location of the warehouse and shipment of goods. If you invest a significant amount in renting a warehouse at a suitable location for your clients, you won’t have to invest much in product distribution or shipment. But if storage and shipment both cost high, you need to figure out your strategy accordingly.

Warehousing activities

Warehousing Activities

Ask your storage and warehousing solution providers what specific services they offer in addition to offering the place. An influential and business-oriented warehousing usually involves services like picking, packing and dispatching, loading and unloading, packing, labeling, barcode scanning, expiry date monitoring, pest control, stock counting etc.

It is always better to specify your demands and only choose a warehouse that brings better customer services along.

Tracking and Reporting

Warehousing involves the critical business decision about storing your stock at someone else’s place. It is beneficial if you can get the tracking services for your stock to ensure the safety. Many logistics providers who offer storage spaces in Dubai provide you with tracking services so you can follow the location of your cargo during shipment or transfer to and from the supply chain.