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Role of an immigration agent

Immigration agent is a person who assists people in procuring their visa in order to migrate from one country to another, legally. They do all the documentation process by themselves and help you to go abroad for any purpose like study, job, business purpose, travel etc. An immigration agent is an expert having complete knowledge regarding immigration laws, visa laws and knows the whole procedure. Good immigration agents in Dubai can help you in migrating to different countries with proper documentation and authentic visa.

How Does an Immigration Agent Help You?

An immigration agent can assist you in the following ways:

  • Immigration agent help youHe will assist you to prepare your visa application.
  • He will give you an advice on what visa will suit you according to the purpose of your visit.
  • He will check and ensure that your documents are up to the mark.
  • He will give a trustworthy opinion about your eligibility to migrate to a new country.
  • He will monitor all the process of your visa application till the visa reaches you.
  • He will represent you before the court related to visa matter.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Agent?

There are numerous types of visa like student visa, visitor visa, family visa, working visa etc. Applying for a visa is not that easy as it seems to be. It is a very complex process from filing an application to receiving a visa. You need to get proper documentation, application, legal work etc. in order to get a visa for migration. So, an immigration agent will help you in all such works related to visa. It will be a good decision to consult an immigration agent before applying for a visa on your own. So, that’s the reason why you need an agent.

Points to Consider Before Hiring an Immigration Agent

Hiring an immigration agent

  • First of all, you should do research about the immigration agency.
  • You should check whether the agent is registered or not.
  • You can inquire about the relevant experience of an agent.
  • Go through with online reviews.
  • Do an open conversation with your agent and clear all your doubts.
  • You can ask the agent about the type of visa he is providing.
  • Talk about the fee they would be charging.

Factors Determine the Fees of an Agent

The fees of an immigration agent are based upon following aspects

  • The type of visa you are applying for.
  • Whether you have any dependents listed on your visa application like your children.
  • The fees of an agent are also based upon the experience that he holds. If your agent is more experienced in the same field, he will charge more as compared with the one who has less experience.