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Major Power Plants Types And Generators

Natural gas generator in DubaiAs most of us know, power plants are large facilities that all of our electricity comes from. Virtually all countries in the world rely on them, and this is indeed the way and source for most of their power.

The main purpose of a power plant is to convert fuel into electrical power. There are many steps in this process, involving several different components, one of which may also be UAE perkins genset – Jubaili Bros, which the turbines are linked to.

While the turbine is in operation, it is in fact the generator that uses the energy from it spinning, and converts this into electrical energy.

Of course, depending on the type of power plant, there are minimal to big variations in terms of the design and generation mechanism of the power plant.

Some of the most common types of electricity generating power plants include steam, gas, combination designs, hydroelectric, and nuclear.

Nuclear Power

While the first thing that most people think of when nuclear power comes up is a dangerous disaster, nuclear energy holds tremendous promise, and could also be key to replacing electricity generation through fossil fuels.

The main difference between nuclear power plants and the use of substances like oil, coal, and gas, is that while steam is used to generate power in both, nuclear plants split atoms to release the heat for this purpose.

This process boils the water, creating steam, and from there on, the process is the same.

While there are several countries around the world where power is generated this way, and many more willing to create more electricity using this method, these facilities require technical maintenance to prevent mishaps.


What sets gas turbines from their counterparts is that the burning process is not necessarily used to generate steam.

In fact, these turbines are operated using a continuous supply of gas.


Hydroelectric generatorsHydro is another word for water, making hydroelectric plants those that create electricity using the force and pressure of water.

This method, along with the use of solar panels and wind turbines, became more popular when people started realizing the importance of replacing carbon-based fuels with renewable energy sources.

The principle at work here is the huge pressure coming from the flow of vast amounts of water, used to turn water turbines directly.

Easily though the wheels turn when water runs through them, this method is unique because it is not heat that drives the turbine, but only pressure.

The building of such a structure requires a lot of time, and also plentiful financial resources.

This is because a large source or flowing water needs to be built behind the dam, at which the water wheels are located.