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Use Of Dogs In Law Enforcement


Often referred to as a man’s best friend, Al-murabit security services provides dogs are personified by loyalty, courage, and bravery, and are versatile animals that can be used for many human safety and protection purposes.

One of the key abilities that makes dogs as important and widespread in aspects that have to do with security is their key sense of smell, which proves useful in several ways, the most notable being detecting explosives and gunpowder.

Another important cognitive ability they have is to be able to distinguish innocent people from anti-social elements.

Field Work

Invariably, most of the work dogs do in the field is either going to have to do with protecting its custodians who are usually police officials, or innocent people. This ability is bound to be useful in that segment.

While some states may have started to make use of them now, the use of dogs to guard property and alert owners of suspicious activity is decades old, and they have been used in law enforcement in the west for quite some time.

Owing to their sense of loyalty and attachment to enforcement, some states make it a crime to intentionally harm a police animal.


The training of police dogs also involves improving their ability to understand, process, and follow commands. In most cases, this will include verbal and hand gesture commands that prompt them to attack or use their sense of smell in relation to a particular element.

Uses And Types

One of the best-known and often used ability of dogs is to guard and watch. These dogs are usually trained to alert the owner or the household when it sees unexpected activity, and does not harm or bark at members of the family.



While watch dogs will bark and alert the owner when suspicious, the attack dog is usually present at places that need added security protection, and has the ability to attack and disarm outsiders.


These breeds are often strong and powerful, with some of the even larger ones being used for the purpose of scaring away and attacking predator animals in open fields, especially during the nighttime.


Sniff dogs are breeds that will often have sensitive noses and have been trained to detect suspicious and dangerous items, which include explosive materials, drugs, human remains, missing persons, and helping to trail suspects.

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