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Project Management Consultants in UAE; Scope and future prospects

Project Management Consultants in UAE

At the contemporary moment, all across various businesses and industries, project management has become a pivotal management function. The nature of the job of Project management consultants in UAE is immensely diverse- they assist many sectors such as Biotech, pharmaceutical, information technology, financial, and other businesses that have the urge of progressing by the streamlining the projects so that the objectives can be accomplished, and profitability can be evident. The individuals who look forward to pursue their careers professionally as project management consultant, they can make this accomplish by attaining degree in Masters of business administration where the speculation is in Project Management program.

The Outlook of the Job

According to the statistics released by the PMI (Project Management Institute) from 2010 to 2020, it is estimated that around 15 million jobs related to the project management consultants. More than 700,000 positions have been operational on global basis, and specifically in the UAE as the economic sectors of hospitality and tourism are escalating, there has been a rapid demand in the project management consultants. The number has reached up to 6 million and is increasing.

Demand for PM consultants is on the rise in UAE

In the UAE why the demand for project management professionals in escalating is due to various economic related factors. They are globalization, growing economy, infrastructure development, steady use of technology, trends towards outsourcing, and altering societal demands. All of these factors have spurred the demand for project management consultants. The job growth is predicted to be steady, however there will be a definite competition and job seekers will have to be knowledgeable, capable and having advance qualifications in the specific subject will be a plus point.

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Job responsibilities of the PM Consultant

The common tasks of the PM consultants include managing the resources in accordance to the budgets; relationships have to be maintained to fulfill the organizational aims. Furthermore they have to plan, develop, and execute the schedule so that the timely fulfillment of the projects is evident. The PM consultant also provides leadership skills and oversight regarding the daily projects that have to be executed from planning to completion stages.

Other job tasks

Other than the complicated job responsibilities the Project management consultant also has to facilitate the business meetings, has to develop cordial associations among the clients, vendors and other stakeholders. He also has to track documents and collect the relevant data as well. He also creates presentations, and follow up studies on various projects are prepared by the PM consultant.