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Business license and renewal: the backbone to start a business

In order to set up a business in Dubai, the need of a business license is like a fact of life whether it is a small business, medium or big. Some kinds of businesses, such as hotels and restaurants might have to face many state, local and federal license requirements. Obtaining a license is is necessary even for businesses that are exclusively run from homes. When you have the knowledge about the whole procedure for obtaining a license, it is a very easy task except in case if you don’t have to change your working address or the name of the sponsors. As you are busy in setting your business, you will not be able to do all the paperwork and fill in all the applications. That is the reason why AMADLAW came into being; professional consultation is their main task to help you in the matters of earning licenses and permits for your business.

This is not the end. Gaining the license is more difficult than even starting a business. Most of the businesses and permits need renewals from time to time. In addition to these renewals, if the business owner is bringing any alteration in the business working format, which can be a change of the name of the business or opening the office at a new locale, the owner should gain another license or a modified one. Even if you are leaving the business, you require a license for this step, too.

The legal requirements for licensing continue throughout the life of the business, but proceeding with the licensing requirements during the initial stages of set up a business is the most difficult. If you fail in determining the types of licenses which are needed and then the wastage of excess time in obtaining them can lead to the late commencement of your business.

Determining and then acquiring all the significant licenses which are required for your business is the most difficult and time-taking duties an entrepreneur had to face. What is the reason? The reason is that various governments that is state, local and federal and various forces need a different kind of license, registration or permit. 

All the firms working in the UAE acquire business licenses for a very short time interval. Normally, the licenses are granted for a period of one year. When the license date expires, you have to apply for the license one more time and pay all the taxes implemented by the government. 

Gaining the needed permits is quite time-taking and expensive procedure but if you fail in doing so, it can charge you even more.

 The charges that are imposed upon you for the attainment of license and permit to operate the business you own are the initial tax-deductible charges.  After your business takes the track of progress, the charges that you have to pay for the maintenance of the license are deductible charges. So, be alert and be assured that you have with you all the copies of the license applications with their respective receipts showing the charges you have given to avoid any future challenges